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Deck. 1. Elemental Shaman #10197. 2. Deathrattle Demon Hunter #3860. 3. Aggro Elemental Shaman #13535. 4. Face Hunter #44840 Deck Matchup statistics for different archetype decks played on standard ladder for different ranks. You can choose All ranks, Rank 5 to Legend, Rank 10 to Rank 6 Hearthstone Deck Archetype Matchup - Forged in the Barrens - Hearthstone Meta Stat Hearthstone Deck Tracker; Contributor Info Request; Data Reaper #203. Class/Archetype Distribution; Class Frequency by Day/Week; Deck Matchup Winrates; vS Meta Score; vS Power Rankings; Data Reaper Live [GOLD] vS Live App; Deck Library; About; FAQ; Archived Data Reaper Reports; Classic Data Reaper [Classic] Class/Archetype Distribution [Classic] Class Frequenc Deathrattle Demon Hunter is holding onto its Tier 2 slot for the time being. Having unfavorable matchups against a good portion of the meta, with the exception of Priest, means that this deck only really has one goal: hope you queue into a Priest and bully that Priest player. Without Priest, this deck would have fallen off quite a bit

Our Tempo Storm Wild Hearthstone Meta Snapshot team insists it never left, and it is in Tier 2 of this first Wailing Caverns Meta Snapshot. Discard Warlock has a high roll and burst potential that, with control-focused archetypes being elbowed out by Stealer Warlock, has a renewed following in the Wailing Caverns Midrange druid is a consensus top deck (at least in top 4, and right now considered top 2), but it shows so many unfavorable matchups. This can in part be explained by the frequency of certain matchups seen in the meta, but it still seems a stretch to think it would be unfavored against so many decks

Real-Time Hearthstone Stats and Meta Reports Generated using actual hearthstone games. Game data is collected using our plugins for Hearthstone Deck Tracker and TrackoBot. All stats are calculated using Forged in the Barrens data Our Hearthstone meta tier list ranks the top decks for Forged in the Barrens meta (with Wailing Caverns mini-set). We always try to include one of the best deck lists for each archetype. However, if you're looking for an alternative, we also link archetype pages so you can check out different versions

vS Data Reaper Podcast: Episode 46. June 2, 2021. With only hours to spare between the patch notes and the mini-set's release, Zach and Hat find time for an EMERGENCY EPISODE covering all the new cards and the surprise nerfs! You can subscribe to the podcast on these platforms: [Read More...] Home 6 - 1/3 Width The matchup is incredibly difficult, due to the lack of early-game removal, and even if you find your ramp cards and manage to play Guardian Animals, you have often taken far too much damage by that point to successfully race the Rogue. If you are coming across that matchup often, Guardian Druid is not the best choice to climb ladder

The Weekly Meta section analyzes the role of the deck in the current week's meta, and focuses in on the nuances of playing the current week's featured deck variant. The Tech Decision section suggests card substitution options that you may consider if you are frequently facing a particular type of deck on ladder (i.e., you are being swarmed by aggro, or constantly queue into control decks) Freeze Mage is a very strong pick for the meta at the moment with its favorable matchups against two of the current top-played decks, Quest Rogue and Token Druid. Match-ups 100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Aggro Druid Jade Druid Freeze Mage Control Mage Secret Mage Mid-Range Paladin Aggro Paladin Control Paladin Purify Priest Control Priest Quest Rogue Miracle Rogue Token Shaman Pirate Warrior Taunt Warrio

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Deck Matchup; Find Decks . Class Decks. Demon Hunter; Druid; Hunter; Mage; Paladin; Priest; Rogue; Shaman; Warlock; Warrio Tier 1- These are the best decks in the meta, capable of climbing both on the way to and in Legend. They are, for the most part, highly consistent and have good matchups across the board. I don't recommend using Painlock to climb to Legend, though, as the lower ranks are full of Aggro and Secret Mages that will burst you down Find popular Hearthstone decks for every class, card and game mode. Compare winrates and find the deck for you You may have heard common complaints about matchups feeling too polarizing in the current meta, and the sense of hopelessness when queuing into the wrong opponent. The Rock/Paper/Scissors sentiment was brought up numerous times throughout Hearthstone's history, but does Boomsday truly stand out from other meta's

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This is due to the new matchup spread that is developed by priest and token druid being less prevalent. Please keep in mind that this tier list is only two days after the nerfs, so it may be subject to change. Tier 1: July 16 Hearthstone Meta OTK Demon Hunter Rush Warrior Miracle Rogue Malygos Druid Tier 2: July 16 Hearthstone Meta Face Hunte Hearthstone - Best of Meta Counters - YouTube

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  1. Hearthstone's 20.2.2 patch last week came with numerous balance changes: five cards were nerfed and ten cards were buffed. While we have become accustomed to regular nerfs, buffs have been few and far between as a balancing tool in Hearthstone. The patch notes sold the buffs to us with the following note: We're issuing a number of buffs in 20.2.2,.
  2. Watch and share Hearthstone replays directly from your web browser. Meta Tier List. Climb the ladder faster by using the best deck for your rank and region. Archetype Matchups. Find the counter! Discover the archetype that will beat your opponent. View all matchups
  3. If the construction of a deck has not changed since then, the deck may be reused in a future Snapshot. Make sure to scroll down to read the latest discussion on the deck's current role in the meta. Tempo Storm Wild Hearthstone Meta Snapshot Tier List. Tier 1. Darkglare Warlock. Reno Priest. Secret Mage. Tier 2. Odd Rogue. Kingsbane Rogue. Odd Paladin. Discard Warloc

Tempo Storm Wild Hearthstone Meta Snapshot #86 - July 6, 2021. Hey friends! This is the latest Tempo Storm Wild Hearthstone Meta Snapshot. We are the team that produces this Snapshot. I'm therottedzombie, Team Lead. This product was written by myself along with ConcernedMOM, KeithNumbersCCG, Memnarch, nhlnjfan1, and WhiteDelight Standout Witchwood Meta Decks From The First Day. Competitive. Hello r/hearthstone! Stonekeep here with your usual compilation of best decks from the new expansion :) Those of you who have been following those after every expansion (or a major nerf patch) - thank you! For those of you who haven't seen them yet, below is a short description

One thing I dislike about recent metas compared to the old ones is how polarized the matchups are. You get 50% win rate overall, but that's because you get close to 100% WR against some decks and close to 0% against others. Every game used to be winnable and every game was a struggle, a long time ago Time is running out in the Forged in the Barrens meta so let's take one final swing at Hearthstone's Duels mode before the new expansion drops. Here are 12-win decks you need to play

Hey friends! This is the latest Tempo Storm Wild Hearthstone Meta Snapshot, the first of the Wailing Caverns mini-expansion.. We are the team that produces this Snapshot. I'm therottedzombie, Team Lead. This product was written by myself along with ConcernedMOM, KeithNumbersCCG, Memnarch, nhlnjfan1, and WhiteDelight All Hearthstone meta decks in Galakrond's Awakening update, It was good timing for it as well, with the meta having fallen into a weird place with quite a lot of binary matchups Op Zoek naar een Lichte Koffer, de Perfecte Handbagage of een Functionele Tas? Nu in Sale! Ruim Gamma Koffers, Handbagage, Rugzakken & Tassen. Hoge Kwaliteit Rush Warrior and Token Druid have strong matchup spreads against most of the field, with Priest proving to be the major exception. Elemental Shaman is an archetype that is still being refined, but looks like it has cemented itself in the top tier. Tier 1: June 18 Hearthstone Meta Control Menagerie Priest Rush Warrior Aggro Elemental Shaman.

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Meta. The metagame is the mix of different decks that players bring onto the ladder, that you can expect to see. If you know what decks players are bringing, your deck can be especially good against 'the meta'. - Ben Brode. The metagame or meta describes the trends of deck and class choices currently seen in Hearthstone Our Hearthstone tier list contains a ranked review of the most competitive Hearthstone decks to play in the month of April 2021 (Season 85). Hearthstone gives us the freedom to harness our creativity and put together ideas to outsmart our opponents and emerge victorious It's getting a little crazy out there now that Blizzard reverted the nerfs to 36 cards, many of them still part of the Standard format until Forged in the Barrens launch on March 30th.Right now, Standard is wild! This brief meta that only lasts for five days overall will, of course, not be fully explored and there are openings you can use and new ideas you can find until the very last second. Hearthstone's second expansion for 2021, these are the archetypes that use a wide variety of cards and have different needs in different matchups. are, they will form the key win conditions for the next generation of Hearthstone control decks. This will not be a meta of removal-only control decks - well,.

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Meta de Hearthstone: Confira as matchups favoráveis do Guerreiro 'Enrage' Dayane Cris. Qui 07 Mai 2020 11:30:00 PDT. Do diamante 4 ao Lenda o Guerreiro 'Enrage' está com várias matchups favoráveis, por exemplo, contra Caçadores de Demônios, Druida de Feitiços e Ladino Galakrond Hearthstone AI Competition. Competition Results for 2020 are we will simulate all possible matchups for at least 100 games to determine the average win-rate for each (please check their definition in core-extensions\SabberStoneBasicAI\src\Meta\Decks.cs) Aggro Pirate Warrior, Midrange Jade Shaman, Reno Kazakus.

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  1. Simply using the application while you're playing Hearthstone automatically logs your games in our database (with an option to opt-out available). Sidebar Please navigate to Appearance → Widgets in your WordPress dashboard and add some widgets into the Sidebar widget area
  2. Hearthstone Deck Tracker is a free app to help you play like the pros
  3. I think Ogremancer is the king of the meta counter cards right now. He's one of the few cards I'm afraid of playing Token Druid (besides Counterspell and Oh My Yogg!) and I guess he's also quite frightening for Spell Mage and some of the other decks as well. It is a spell-heavy meta after all, so probably everything that counters spells is good
  4. ated by two classes - Paladin and Mage
  5. Tier 4: March 5 Hearthstone Meta. At the moment, there are still a lot of decks to choose from when approaching ladder. To reinforce last week's meta report, the meta feels like rock-paper-scissors. A lot of decks counters others, it's all about playing whatever has the best matchup spread amongst your meta. According to Alec Dawson's.
  6. How to access Hearthstone Battlegrounds early - release date, Early Access, Open Beta and more. The mode is mur-locked until the 12th. H. Hearthstone - Battleground guides 08/10/2019

HEARTHSTONE. META DECKS. Contribute Send Feedback Submit Deck Decks Top Decks; Budget Decks; Demon Hunter; Druid; Hunter; Mage; Paladin; Priest; Rogue; Shaman; Warlock; Warrior; Fresh Decks Shaman Decks July 2021 Standard. Top Decks The best decks in the current meta. GALAKROND SHAMAN Updated Jul 24, 2021. 60.0% Winrate 1.5%. Hearthstone's Scholomance Academy expansion is less than one week away, bringing with it 135 new cards to shake up the meta.. Out of those 135 cards, 40 of them are introducing a new mechanic. Unless you're some sort of undiscovered pro in the making, the most effective way to climb the Hearthstone ladder is by using a deck that has already been tested and refined against the meta Tempo Storm Wild Hearthstone Meta Snapshot #83 - May 24, 2021. Metagame. Hey friends! This is the latest Tempo Storm Wild Hearthstone Meta Snapshot. We are the team that produces this Snapshot. I'm therottedzombie, Team Lead, and this product was written by myself along with ConcernedMOM, KeithNumbersCCG, Memnarch, nhlnjfan1, and WhiteDelight

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Hearthstone's Classic mode is now live. so we weren't quite as quick to crack the meta. you're not wrong—though this deck does have an excellent matchup against Warrior Tier 4: June 5 Hearthstone Meta OTK Hunter Miracle Druid Ping Mage. Closing Thoughts . With the mini-set being released just a couple of days ago, the meta has plenty of room to shift. While some early winners of the set have been found, it will likely take weeks for the meta to fully develop and settle

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  1. HEARTHSTONE. META DECKS. We're ready for Darkmoon Faire! Find the best archetypes, compare decks by win rate, and find budget and quest decks. We've got it all. ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯. Go to Top Decks Or see our budget decks
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  3. We originally reviewed Hearthstone in 2014 after it released in open beta. Blizzard's CCG has changed significantly since then, so much so that we decided to review it again. Our original review.
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  5. Tempostorm Meta Snapshot. I looked at Tempostorm's meta snapshot just to see what's going on with the meta. When I looked at their new snapshot today, I was a little confused and wondered what they were thinking. They placed control warlock at tier 1 as the #1 deck and moved down odd paladin to tier 2

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Hearthstone meta januari. De huidige stand van zaken + by Nick Peters Geüpdatet op 14 januari 2015 10:41 Geplaatst op 13 januari 2015 14:25. Nu de Goblins vs Gnomes-uitbreiding inmiddels een beetje is ingedaald bij de spelers, zien we interessante nieuwe plays Beberapa pekan lalu, Hearthstone mendapatkan mini-set terbaru yang merupakan bagian dari ekspansi utama Forged in the Barrens. Mini-set Wailing Caverns memberikan tambahan 35 varian kartu baru dengan total keseluruhan 66 kartu di dalam satu bundle pack. Berbeda dengan mini-set sebelumnya, Wailing Caverns memberikan dampak yang signifikan untuk perubahan META Contact @JamesMacLaw. Our Token Druid deck list guide features the best Forged in the Barrens deck list for Season 85 of Hearthstone (April 2021). Our Token Druid guide also contains Mulligan advice, card combos and strategy tips. Token Druid is a Hearthstone deck that we've seen riding high in most metas since the dawn of Hearthstone

Apologies for the audio issues in the first 10 minutes of the episode but we sorted it out on the fly.Timestamps:Hearthstone- 9 mins to 43 minMagic The Gathering- 44 mins to 1 hour 27 minsStump Rich with MTG Trivia- 1 hour 27 mins to end.This week Mox talks about the meta snap shot and how to get out of a slump JustSaiyan on the Hearthstone Fall Championship, HGG, the meta, and more. He's slated to compete in the HCT Fall Championship later today, but prior to that, David 'JustSaiyan' Shan took some time.

Hearthstone Welcome to the 20th episode of The State of Wild - a now REGULAR podcast series on Youtube ft. CorbettGames This week, we are joined by famous Wild Hearthstone Personality, Roffle, to talk about new cards from Darkmoon Faire, reminisce about Scholomance Academy, and talk Wild Meta game Vor einiger Zeit gehörte der Mill-Warlock zu einem der erfolgreichsten Decks in Hearthstone, verschwand aber in der Versenkung. Nun mischt es die Meta erneut auf Hearthstone mendapatkan update terbaru melalui Patch 20.8.2 yang dirilis pekan lalu. Patch kecil ini berisikan Balance Updates untuk kartu Standard dan perbaikan bug. Terdapat 3 kartu Standard yang mendapatkan perubahan yaitu Apotheosis, Renew, dan Gibberling. Priest yang sebelumnya merupakan class terkuat berhasil dilumpuhkan melalui dua kartu andalannya yang mendapatkan nerf Perubahan META Standard Hearthstone Setelah Patch 20.8.2. Hearthstone mendapatkan update terbaru melalui Patch 20.8.2 yang dirilis pekan lalu. Patch kecil ini berisikan Balance Updates untuk kartu Standard dan perbaikan bug . Terdapat 3 kartu Standard yang mendapatkan perubahan yaitu Apotheosis, Renew, dan Gibberling

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  1. You need the best Hearthstone deck if you're planning on grinding through Ranked this month. Each Hearthstone class feels unique to play, but it's easy to feel overwhelmed by all the choice
  2. Hey, I decided to go back to Hearthstone after 3 years break. Used to hit legend about 20 times, always with heavy control decks (or Grim Patrons) that I love. I read about changes in the game so I know more or less what's going on, but I'd like to ask you guys if there is any good Control deck in this meta
  3. Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, and welcome to the best Hearthstone decks for beginners. Trying out any new game for the first time can be confusing, especially when it asks you to.
  4. Discuss Hearthstone multiplayer gameplay, card strategies, and your latest and greatest deck ideas here! 13310. Singleplayer Discussion. Discuss and share your Solo Adventure successes, failures, feedback, and ideas here! 1020. New Player Tavern. New players start here
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  6. How Hearthstone descended into complete lunacy. By Ben RidiculousHat Goodman April 05, 2021. The Forged in the Barrens meta has been warped by a degenerately powerful card that—weirdly—didn.
  7. South Park's Sword of a Thousands Truths (Boars Included) to Be Added to Hearthstone Here's a classic WoW history moment that's arriving in Hearthstone, as the United in Stormwind expansion is bringing with it a very familiar weapon, as well as the probably most famous mob type of all time connected directly with it! Hearthstone HS 2 comments Jul 22, 2021 at 06:08 by Stary
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Is the lunacy of the current Hearthstone meta finally over? Deck of Lunacy has been nerfed, perhaps spelling an end to one of the most imbalanced states the game has been in recently. The Hearthstone team has gotten much, much better at balancing the game as time has gone on, but there's been a lot happening in the game lately. With the advent of the Core Set, the pool of cards changed way too. Some matchups will be harder than others and there's always some RNG in This comeback ability and aggressive playstyle make Mech Paladin one of the best Hearthstone decks of the current meta The meta is also getting a bit bigger as the meta of the next two months is shaping up to be one of the most exciting in recent memory, with players trying out a variety of decks. Below are some decks that are taking the Hearthstone meta to the next level, whether it be with a powerful and consistent deck, or a deck that is a bit more adaptable to different meta strategies Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Quilboar Build Guide. If you're looking to dominate the current meta in Hearthstone Battlegrounds, you'll want to put together the best Quillboar build possible. Quilboars are dominating the meta in Hearthstone Battlegrounds. With super-fast scaling, the potential to diversify down a couple of different build paths. Ja klar, für einzelne Matchups isoliert macht das natürlich Sinn, wie gesagt, Hearthstone Meta Report. Meta Report vom 16.06.2021: Die besten Hearthstone-Decks der aktuellen Meta! Karten-Preisvergleich » Hearthstone Karten kaufen. Neue Themen. Google Anzeigen links verdecken Content

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Discover the best Hearthstone Decks for the recent 20.8 Patch! Dominate the meta & climb ranks to reach Legend, feat. Standard & Wild Decks New Viable Hearthstone Duels Decks For Each Class in The More Balanced Meta Published 5 months, 3 weeks ago by Aesan Rating 4.93/5 (15 Votes Introduction: Blizzard's Hearthstone team has done a wonderful job of responding to the community over the past 3 years. There has been 8 new content releases, the release of a new standard format and 18 patches to correct mistakes. Several members of the Hearthstone team should be commended for their positive interactions and responses to th Hearthstone Decks for Forged in the Barrens. Last updated on Jun 08, 2021 at 10:00 by Kat. General Information. On this page, you will find all the decks that we currently have on Icy Veins. You can use the category and tag filters to further refine your selection. Categories Decks Demon Hunter Decks Druid Decks Hunter Decks Mage Decks Paladin. Hearthstone's next expansion includes 135 new cards, with Questlines, mounts, a new keyword, and more! Our band of mercenaries arrives in the Alliance capital city for Hearthstone's next expansion, United in Stormwind! Take flight with your free Flightmaster Dungar card The best Darkmoon Faire decks. We've got all the decklists and the latest guides